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Famous phrases of Nicolás Gómez Dávila

Famous phrases of Nicolás Gómez Dávila

Nicolás Gómez Dávila(Bogotá, Colombia, 1913-1994) was a Colombian philosopher and writer. His writings strongly criticize modernity, clearly positioning himself on the side of political and social reaction.

These works, of a depth, exquisiteness and great wisdom, are based on firm cultural, religious, moral, social and political principles. His famous aphorisms express in a few sentences the original of his thinking.

In this sense, Escolios to an implicit text, a great work transcendence and very easy to read, it should be recommended to those who still know how to value good, truth and beauty in everyday life.

Nicolás Gómez Dávila, reactionary, a whole teacher of teachers, an unequaled mind. Although, given the times and ideology progressive dominant (so antagonistic to him), his texts and his thoughts have been conveniently forgotten and silenced. Let us present some of his aphorisms today.

Famous phrases of Nicolás Gómez Dávila

"It's never too late for anything really important."

"Marxism and psychoanalysis have been the two strains of modern intelligence."

"The soul grows inward."

"Politics is the occupation of empty souls."

"Every straight line leads to hell."

“The tragedy of the left? -Diagnosticate the disease correctly, but aggravate it with its therapy. ”

"Every day it is easier to know what we should despise: what the modern appreciates and the journalist praises."

“The modern world will not be punished. It is the punishment. ”

"Almost rich, almost good looking, almost intelligent, almost talented ... my life has consisted of perpetually losing the train for a few minutes late."

"More repulsive than the future that progressively unintentionally prepared is the future they dream of."

"Progressiveism ages badly."

"The progressive sulphures, as an old man, seeing that history records what he called progress as a young man."

"Cultured man is one for whom nothing is without interest and almost all of importance."

"The current media allow the modern citizen to find out everything without understanding anything."

"Marx has been the only Marxist that Marxism did not advocate."

“The hierarchies are celestial. In hell everyone is equal. ”

"Intelligence is trained to discover new truths by rediscovering old truths."

"The modern believes to live in a pluralism of opinions, when what prevails is a suffocating unanimity."

“It is not enough for the Democrat that we respect what he wants to do with his life; it also demands that we respect what he wants to do with ours. ”

"Intelligence is not about finding solutions but not losing sight of problems."

"The most accustomed suicide in our time is to shoot yourself in the soul."

"Man is an educable animal, provided he does not fall into the hands of progressive pedagogues."

"The ideas of the left engender the revolutions, the revolutions engender the ideas of the right."

"Journalists and politicians do not know how to distinguish between the development of an idea and the expansion of a phrase."

"If you do not want to be a conformist you should not be progressive."

"Far from being all respectable, almost all opinions deserve to be disrespected."

"He who demands equal opportunities ends up demanding that the well-endowed be penalized."

"With good humor and pessimism it is neither possible to make mistakes nor to get bored."

"Nothing more dangerous than solving transient problems with permanent solutions."

"The reactionary is not an eccentric thinker, but an unbearable thinker."

"Only reactionary thinking does not carry the ideological stigma, because it is naked and frankly defending the privilege of difference."