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70 freedom phrases that will make you think

70 freedom phrases that will make you think

Freedom is one of the most desired sensations. Finding and feeling it is possible in many aspects of our life. Check out the phrases about freedom that we have compiled and surely you end up recognizing it in your day to day. Let's see them!

The best phrases about freedom

Only those who are able to overcome their fears will be truly free.

It costs a lot for freedom to return to the frank unity of instinct. Henri-Frédéric Amiel

We can get freedom, but it is difficult to recover once it is lost.

Boldness and courage are keys to freedom.

Freedom is not an end; It is a means to develop our forces. Mazzini

It is curious to see how as theoretical freedoms increase, practical freedoms decrease. Luis Antonio de Villena

Freedom must first be accepted, then planned and finally enjoyed. Paco Rabanne

Most of the freedoms that are given to the poor are like delicacies that he cannot touch, something that apparently those who prepare the feast do not notice in his gift. Arenal Conception

In Western democracy, freedom is enjoyed on condition that it is not used.

Without order there is no obedience to the laws, and without obedience to the laws there is no freedom, because true freedom consists in being a slave to the law. Jaime Balmes

Freedom is not being able to act arbitrarily but the ability to do so sensibly. Rudolf Wirchow

Freedom exists only in the land of dreams. Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

The act of disobedience, as an act of freedom, is the beginning of reason. Erich Fromm

Being free does not imply getting rid of chains, but living in a way that respects the freedom of others.

The freedom of understanding consists in being a slave of the truth, and the freedom of the will in being a slave of virtue. Jaime Balmes

A sweet and triumphant freedom takes hold of those who know they will die soon. Vicki Baum

Freedom being the most loved thing, not only of the people of reason, according to the animals that lack it. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

The true freedom of man is that there is the right path and that he walks through it without hesitation. Carlyle

When it is possible to speak of freedom, the State as such will cease to exist. Friedrich Engels

True freedom is subject to the laws of reason. Plutarch

Freedom is very expensive, and it is necessary or resign to live without it or decide to buy it for its price. Jose Marti

The wrong opinion can be tolerated where reason is free to fight it. Thomas Jefferson

Man has never found a definition for the word freedom. Abraham Lincoln

Freedom is the instrument that God placed in the hands of man to fulfill his destiny. Emilio Castelar

Freedom does not precede duty, but is a consequence of it. Immanuel Kant

There is an idealism willing to kill the freedom of others in order to find the freedom of their own plan. Rabindranath Tagore

Freedom does not consist in doing what is wanted, but in doing what is due.

Freedom, as regards the lower social classes of each country, is little more the choice between working or starving. Samuel Johnson

History is the feat of freedom, and freedom, the feat of history. Claudio Sánchez Bathrobe

Freedom implies responsibility. That is why they have most men fear her so much. George Bernard Shaw

Poetry is the point of intersection between divine power and human freedom. Octavio Paz

Freedom is to dream her. Carmen Martín Gaite

One of the fundamentals of freedom is being able to misuse it. Luis Antonio de Villena

Genius can only inspire freely in an atmosphere of freedom. John M. Stuart

Freedom is that faculty that increases the usefulness of all other faculties. Immanuel Kant

History is the progress of the consciousness of freedom. Georg Friedrich Hegel

Being free is being able to say what others don't want to hear.

Once freedom begins to take root, its growth is unstoppable.

The opportunity to be better and to evolve is the seed of freedom.

Luckily or unfortunately, freedom is never something that is given to us, but we must fight to win it.

Those who do not move do not hear the sound of their chains.

Freedom, dear Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that the heavens gave to men. With it the treasures that enclose the earth and the sea in summit cannot be equaled; for freedom, life can be and must be ventured. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Freedom with danger is preferable than peace in slavery.

Freedom is being able to think for oneself.

Only those who are able to fight for freedom will succeed.

The freedom of a person ends where that of the neighbor begins.

Freedom does not have a price.

If you expose yourself to the greatest of your fears and ensure that it does not control you, then you can say that you have achieved your freedom.

To be free is to have nothing to lose.

With a little discipline you will find your freedom.

If you can't be different, then you can't be free either.

Giving up freedom to have temporary security is to stop deserving it.

Being able to be who you really are is the best definition of freedom.

Being able to decide is the most difficult, but also the only thing that leads us to freedom.

To choose to live without freedom is to become an outlaw.

Those who deny freedom to others do not deserve to have it themselves.

You are free at the moment you want to be.

Freedom inherently carries the freedom to make mistakes.

It is better to die fighting for freedom than to live as a slave all your life.

The responsibility is what gives us freedom.

The oppressor will never give freedom voluntarily; This has to be claimed by the oppressed.

Living in freedom in a world without it is only possible if you turn your own existence into an act of rebellion.

It is not easy to free prisoners from the chains they themselves adore.

There is a space between a stimulus and a response is established. In choosing the latter lies our freedom.

Each person has their own concept of freedom. Choosing yours is the best way to avoid slavery.

Freedom is the highest price anyone can pay. Freedom is measured by those things we are able to give up.

Light is for the eyes what freedom is for the soul.

Where the opinions are contrary, the sound of freedom sounds.

Self-control and responsibility for oneself is the key to freedom.

Make decisions for yourself and see how far your freedom to choose goes.

Do not claim freedom, practice it.

As you have seen, many readings on freedom can be done. We hope that after reading these phrases about freedom that we have collected, you choose with which of them you identify more. We encourage you to it!