60 famous phrases by Jean-Paul Sartre

60 famous phrases by Jean-Paul Sartre

Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre (1905-1980) was a famous philosopher, writer, political activist and French literary critic, great exponent of the existentialism and of Marxism humanist.

His numerous works and existential dilemmas still have great weight in the study of sociology and critical thinking.

Was selected as Nobel Prize for Literature in 1964, but he rejected it by explaining in a letter to the Swedish Academy that he had as a rule to reject all recognition or distinctions, since the ties between man and culture had to develop directly, without going through the institutions. He claimed that his acceptance would imply losing his identity as a philosopher. She was a sentimental couple for many years of the writer and intellectual Simone Beauvoir.

Today we have made this fantastic compilation of Jean-Paul Sartre phrases for you.

Jean-Paul Sartre phrases

Everything has been discovered, except how to live.

If you are alone when you are alone, you are in bad company.

Man is doomed to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.

It is better to die standing than to live on your knees.

Throughout my life I have realized that all our problems come from our inability to use clear and concise language.

When the rich wage war, it is the poor who die.

Like every dreamer, I confused disappointment with the truth.

Do you think that I count the days? There is only one day left, one that always repeats itself. It is given to us at dawn and it is taken from us at sunset.

A lost battle is a battle that one thinks he has lost.

I will smile, and my smile will sink into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become.

To know what our life is worth, it doesn't hurt to risk it from time to time.

At three it is always too late or too soon for anything you want to do.

You are his life, and nothing else.

There may be more beautiful times, but this is ours.

With the words the guns are loaded.

Life has no meaning a priori ... It is until you read a meaning and value; It has only the meaning you choose.

Life begins on the other side of despair.

I have never been able to bear the idea that someone is expecting something from me. I always want to do just the opposite.

I guess it's laziness that makes the world the same day after day.

It makes no sense to think about complaining, since nothing external has decided what we feel, nor what we live, nor what we are.

Everything I know about my life, it seems, I've learned in books.

We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for who we are. That's the truth.

The finite does not make sense without an infinite point of view.

Man tends to tell his life more than to live it. He sees everything through what he tells, and intends to live his life as if it were a story. But we have to choose between living our life or telling it.

Your judgment judges and defines you.

I have never tolerated the idea of ​​someone expecting anything from me.

There is no reality except in action.

I want to go out, go somewhere where I should really feel in my place, where I would like to fit in… but my place is nowhere; I am not wanted.

Only the one who is not advancing has time to disturb.

I hate victims who respect their executioners.

My thinking is mine: that's why I can't stop. I exist because I think ... and I can't stop thinking. Right now - it is terrible - if I exist, it is because I am horrified to exist.

When you understand the details of victory, it is difficult to distinguish it from defeat.

The more sand escapes the hourglass of our life, the clearer it should be seen through it.

The worst thing about lying to you is knowing that you didn't even deserve the truth.

Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them.

Therefore, it is absurd to think about complaining, since no one outside has decided what we feel, what we live, or what we are.

Existence is prior to the essence, and rules over it.

I will survive myself. Eat, sleep, sleep, eat. Exist slowly, quietly, like these trees, like a puddle of water, just like the red bench in the tram.

Believing is summed up in confusing things with your name.

We have to get carried away by passion before we can feel.

So this is hell. I would never have believed it. Do you remember everything they said about torture chambers, fire and sulfur, marl burning? Tales of old women! There is no need for red-hot poker. Hell are the other people!

Let's not judge the people we love.

Words are more treacherous and powerful than we think.

I guess it's because of laziness that the world is the same day after day. Today he seemed to want to change. And then anything, anything can happen.

Life ceases to have meaning at the moment when the illusion that it is eternal is lost.

Man is nothing else but what he does of himself.

Man is what he wants to be.

Commitment is an act, not a word.

It may be inevitable. We may actually have to choose between being nothing or faking who we are.

Only the man who is not rowing has time to move the boat.

I exist, that's all, and it's nauseating.

Acting is a matter of absorbing people's personalities by adding a bit of our own experience.

It is more dangerous to be a good journalist than a bad murderer.

Existence is an imperfection.

You and I are real people, that we operate in a real world. We are not the product of everyone's imagination. I am the architect of my own being, my own character and destiny. It's no use complaining about what it could have been, I'm the things I've done and nothing more. We are all free, completely free. We can do anything we want. That is more than most of us dare to imagine.

The being is. The being is itself. Being is what it is.

I don't need charitable souls: an accomplice is what I want.

I felt in such a frightening loneliness that I thought of suicide. What stopped me was the idea that nobody, absolutely nobody, would feel my death, that I would be even more alone in death than in life.

Nothing happens while you live. The landscape changes, people come and go, that's all. There are no beginnings. The days are added to the days without tone or are, in addition, monotonous and endless.

It is not what men are what interests me, but what they can become.

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