Dinorphins, an endogenous opioid neurotransmitter

Dinorphins, an endogenous opioid neurotransmitter

Dinorphins are a substance very unknown to most of us, but that generates the human body itself. First, let's know what type of group it belongs to. Dinorphins are a subtype of opioid peptides that act as neurotransmitters in the central nervous system.


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How dinorphins act

Neurotransmitters they are the basic system that allows the transmission of information between neurons. That is, thanks to these connections, the information from some neurons is communicated to others.

The endogenous opioid system is responsible for regulating the transmission of pain, resulting in a series of responses by the person to this stimulus. Opioid peptides are closely related to the reward and reinforcement processes of brain activity. This system is made up of three families: endorphins, enkephalins and the aforementioned dinorphins.

Well, now that we have framed this type of substance, we are going to tell you a little more about them so that you know how they are produced, what they are used for and how the body reacts to their consumption.

Dinorphins are secreted by the human brain itself and are used as a potent analgesic. Thus, our nervous system releases them in response to the stimuli and emotional states of the person. Patients with chronic pain have a very high level of dinorphins.

This substance can be synthesized through the prodinorphine, a precursor protein. The effects it produces in the body are similar to those of substances such as opium, morphine or methadone.

Types of dinorphins

There are different types of dinorphine, although all of them are related to the reactions that the body has in the basic functioning of emotions and physical needs. This means that it is related to how we experience stress, pain, and even appetite.

Is about a tremendously potent substance and it is indicated in very small quantities, since it is estimated that its effect can be up to six times that of very strong substances, such as morphine.

For this reason, dinorphins are also used as a treatment to combat stress, depression, drug addiction problems, anxiety and other emotional disorders.

These neurotransmitters occur mainly in the hypothalamus, hippocampus and spinal cord. These have a basic function in the Central Nervous System, since it connects the brain with the rest of the body.

In this way, Dinorphins are produced and released in these areas and affect basic functions of the human body. They are responsible for such important functions as sleep, hunger, temperature or the process of sensory data.

Opioid Risks

Synthetic opioids are a type of drug that are used to reduce pain perception. These usually produce effects such as drowsiness or mental confusion, and even affect breathing.

We must be very careful with the consumption of this type of drugs and, of course, always use them under medical advice and with absolute control to avoid problems of addiction or too high consumption that can lead to intoxication.

And I eat so many other substances that act so directly in the functioning of the nervous system, taking it continuously can cause it to end up generating a physical and mental dependence on this drug.

Addiction causes the patient to need to take this substance compulsively and fail to control this need. In addition, its consumption continuously over time can cause the person to develop a tolerance towards the substance in question, so that he will need an increasing dose to achieve the same effects.

This can become really dangerous for the opioid consumer, and the doctor who indicates this treatment should be very careful that the patient does not develop dependence, since ending it can be very complicated.

High levels of dinorphins are also linked to a increased resistance to drug and toxic addictions, such as cocaine. Also many investigations indicate that if dinorphine is blocked, its effect on the brain can be inhibited and control problems such as depression and stress, as well as pain.

As you can see, the dinorphins They are important neurotransmitters products in our nervous system. But the thing goes much further. We have already given you all the clues in this regard, and we hope it has helped you to have a clearer vision of the role they play.