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Birds and cages

If I put a little bird in each cage I have a little bird left over. On the other hand, if I put two little birds in each cage, I have a cage left over. How many birds do I have? Solution I have three cages and four birds.
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Children's candies

If a child and a half eats a candy and a half every day and a half, how long will it take four and a half children to eat four and a half candies? Solution If every child and a half takes a day and a half to eat a candy and a half, four and a half children will also take a day and a half to eat four and a half candies since the number of children and consumption are both multiplied by 3.
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Breaking and overcoming phrases

If you have ever lived it in your own flesh, you will understand the truth: overcoming a breakup is not easy, especially if the other person joins you with very strong bonds, such as having passed through the altar or having children. Whatever your case, surely there will be few moments when you can not stop thinking about the other person.
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101 phrases of sadness, sorrow and melancholy

Sadness is considered one of the basic human emotions and is a natural response to situations that involve psychological, emotional or physical pain. Sadness affects everyone at some point, so today we wanted to bring you these beautiful quotes about sadness. Famous quotes about sadness The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also prevent joy from entering.
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